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The HABIT-CHANGE project appreciates the expert advise and guidance of its high level advisors:


  • Dr Katja Arzt, EUROPARC Germany

    Dr Katja Arzt is a staff member of the German Chapter of the nature conservation organisation EUROPARC. She is an expert for international agro-environmental science, resource economy, mediation, and renewable energy. Presently Ms Arzt manages a project regarding the trading with certificates of measures against climate change impacts in protected areas.

    Dr Katja Arzt
    Project Manager
    EUROPARC Deutschland e.V.



  • Mr John Costenbader, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Environmental Law Centre

    Mr John Costenbader is an expert in international environmental law. He is a legal officer in the Environmental Law Centre of the IUCN.

    John Costenbader
    Legal Officer
    IUCN Environmental Law Centre

    E-mail: john.costenbader[protector]


  • Dr Zygmunt Krzemiński, Ministry of the Environment, Poland

    Dr Zygmunt Krzemiński is an expert of nature conservation and is responsible for national parks at the Polish Ministry of the Environment.

    Dr Zygmunt Krzemiński
    Department for the Nature Conservation
    Ministry of the Environment  Warszawa, Poland

    E-mail: zygmunt.krzeminski[protector]


  • Dr Stefan Lang, University of Salzburg, Austria

    Dr Lang is a scientist and expert in geographical information, remote sensing as well as habitat monitoring. Furthermore, he is the coordinator of the related EU project MS.MONINA ( which deals with the monitoring of Natura 2000 habitats.
    Dr Stefan Lang
    Z_GIS Research Coordinator
    University of Salzburg
    Centre for Geoinformatics - Z_GIS

    E-mail: stefan.lang[protector]


  • Ass. jur. Jochen Schumacher, Institute for Nature Conservation and Nature Conservation Law, Germany

    Jochen Schumacher is an expert in the field of nature conservation, nature conservation law and environmental education. He has published many articles and legal commentaries in this regard. His institution contributed to a large project regarding legal concepts for nature conservation adaptation in times of climate change funded by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

    Jochen Schumacher
    Institut für Naturschutz und Naturschutzrecht

    E-Mail: jochen.schumacher[protector] or