Vessertal - Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve

The Vessertal - Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve is dominated by the Thuringian Forest high-lands, which are part of the Thuringian-Franconian highlands. Unlike other major natural sections of the Thuringian-Franconian highlands, the Thuringian Forest, a mountain ridge area, is cut by a system of deep valleys. The biosphere reserve's most prominent peaks include Großer Beerberg (982 m), the Thuringian Forest's highest mountain, Schneekopf (978 m), Finsterberg (944 m), Fichtenkopf (944 m), Sachsenstein (915 m) and Adlersberg (850 m). The landscape, which is dominated by forests, presents itself as a largely contiguous forest system. Small upland meadows are found only in stream valleys and in certain high areas. Runoff from ridge areas has led to the formation of small raised bogs and feeds a dense network of streams.

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