Natural Park Bucegi

The Natural Park Bucegi is located in the Alpine biogeographical zone on the most eastern part of the Carpathian mountains (the curve of the Carpathian) and benefits of the temperate continental climate. The protected area cover 32.663 ha and include 14 strict protected sites.

The site host a diversity of habitats as alpine and subalpine grasslands, tall forbs habitats, scrubs, rocks and screes habitats, chasmophyte vegetation on calcareous rocks, peat bags, deciduous forests, coniferous forests and mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, rivers and lakes, communities of hydrophytes along the waterway s.o.

According the available information 17 of the existing habitat types are nominated for protection and conservation in the Habitat Directive: peat bag, grasslands, scrubs, deciduous forests, coniferous forests, screes, communities of hydrophytes along the waterway and chasmophyte vegetation.

The Natural Park is also one of the reaches areas on endemic plants from the South-Eastern Carpathian and accommodate 4 globally threatened plants from the IUCN Global Red List (Draba haynaldii, Hesperis oblongifolia, Larix decidua ssp. carpatica, Plantago atrata ssp. carpatica) and 5 european threatened plants from the Habitat Directive & Bern Convention (Achillea oxyloba ssp. schurii, Campanula patula ssp. abietina, Campanula serrata, Ligularia sibirica, Tozzia alpina ssp. carpatica).

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