Balaton Uplands National Park

The Balaton Uplands National Park is situated in the immediate vicinity of Lake Balaton, a place renowned all over Europe for its hospitable settlements and cosy holiday resorts. Thus it faces many though challenges which are posed mainly by civilisation and development. Current tasks focus on the need to protect and preserve the natural and cultural treasures of an area of some 56,997 ha. Within this total area 11,282 ha constitute a srictly protected core, and 14,397 ha have been designated a Ramsar Site. The fabulous instances of its extraordinary diverse character include the several thousand hectares of marshlands at Kis-Balaton, the uniquely fluctuating dolomite-limestone surface of the Keszthelyi Hills and Pécselyi Basin, the dense basalt hills with their exceptionally interesting shapes in the Tapolca Basin and the surface of the Káli Basin dotted by volcanic craters, plateaux, stone seas and small lakes.

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