Secovlje Salina Nature Park

The Sečovlje Salina Nature Park covers around 650 hectares of terrain in the extreme south-west of Slovenia, next to the border with Croatia in the southern part of the Piran Municipal District. The Sečovlje Saltworks, together with the nearby Strunjan Saltworks, are the most northerly saltworks still in operation in the Mediterranean. It is among the few saltworks where salt is still produced using centuries-old methods. The mild sub-Mediterranean climate favours salt-harvesting and attracts distinctive flora and fauna, including birdlife.Some 290 bird species have been observed in the area, 70% of all species ever recorded in Slovenia. Other distinctive fauna of the Sečovlje Saltworks include species that are adapted to the salty environment just behind the sea defence walls in the network of basins where different levels of water tables can be observed and on the lines of internal dykes, partly or fully overgrown with salt-loving plants, or halophytes, which can tolerate or exploit the high salinity. Several coastal and wetland habitat types of EU importance are found in the area, including salt meadows, estuary and Spartina stands.

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