Shatsk National Natural Park

This biosphere reserve is situated in north-west Ukraine, some 160 km north-west of the city of Lutsk and adjacent to Polands West Polesie Biosphere Reserve. Both biosphere reserves feature a unique landscape of rivers, lakes, moors and forests. Shatskiy comprises a Ramsar site (Shatsk Lakes) which is an important moulting, migrating and wintering area for waterfowls.

12,160 people live in the transition area of the biosphere reserve and are mainly engaged in agriculture, tourism and services. The whole area is a melting pot of inhabitants of different cultures, nationalities and religions. About 100,000 tourists annually come to visit the area. It is hoped that the biosphere reserve concept will help to create opportunities to develop this sparsely populated area which is currently under big social and economic change. However, at the same time, local communities are interested in an economic development that is balanced with the conservation objectives of the biosphere reserve. The longer-term aim is to merge Polands West Polesie and Shatskiy Biosphere Reserve to a transboundary biosphere reserve.

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