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General Objectives

The project's overall objective was to evaluate, enhance and adapt existing management and conservation strategies in protected sites to pro-actively respond on likely influences of CC as a threat to habitat integrity and diversity. Furthermore, a monitoring concept was developed to detect changes caused either by human activity or climate change effects. This proved to be a very valuable tool especially for the administrations of nature protected areas.

Specific Objectives

  • Identification of potential CC induced threats,
  • Evaluation of existing management practices,
  • Deriving a set of indicators reflecting local-scale effects,
  • Establishing monitoring measures based on earth observation data and ground truthing,
  • Modeling regional climate change effects and risks for protected areas,
  • Supporting protected site authorities with decision support tool,
  • Adapting management plans, strategies and measures of protected areas to climate change effects,
  • Fostering awareness rising on the demand for adaptive management,
  • Recommendations for CC adapted guidelines regarding protected areas on national and EU-level.

Transnational Cooperation

Neither habitats nor CC impacts obey national boundaries. Only a strategy reflecting transnational understanding may successfully face the challenges imposed by CC on habitat integrity. Moreover, transnational cooperation allows for the transfer of knowledge and mutual exchange of experiences with specific types of threats to habitats.