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WP1 Project Management & Coordination

WP 1 was the management backbone of the HABIT-CHANGE project and the basis for the coordination and the knowledge exchange among the partners with different regional challenges. Furthermore, WP 1 served as the main interface between the project and the programme level, with the Lead Partner acting as the junction. Thus, WP 1 provided services for all partners, such as project management, coordination and internal communication, financial management, as well as the fulfilment of start-up requirements.

As an additional important tool for internal cooperation and data management a data exchange platform was developed an implemented within WP 5.

Steering group meetings and biannual progress reports supported the coordination of, and within, the project. In addition, the Lead Partner reported to an Advisory Board, which was formed by representatives of the most important target groups, namely national nature protection administrations, nature protection organisations like NGO’s and umbrella organisations, administrations of nature protected areas, and scientific institutions from different Central European countries.

Part of the best possible communication between the project partners are web-based platforms for implementation plans and best practice results.

Moreover, to establish an undisturbed workflow the data dissemination and the reporting, as well as map generating were supported and provided via a common data-server. Therefore, the best organizational measures were supplied to achieve the best results in the individual work packages, especially WP 3 to WP 6.