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WP2 Communication, Knowledge Management, Dissemination

The dissemination of the results of this project were an exceptional benefit for the whole group of applicants and partners responsible for their protected areas.

The efforts included media communication, such as press releases and newspaper articles to raise the issues of this project into public attention and awareness. Moreover, more direct approaches were taken with stakeholders and target groups via fair participation, exhibitions in national park information centres, summer schools, and workshops for local regional authorities.

Furthermore, stakeholders and target groups were informed by a set of publications and the presentation of the project on internet, including a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS, developed in WP 5). This tool initiated dissemination of results, and especially information on climate change effects on habitats via regionalised climate scenarios and impact modelling results. Climate Adapted Managements Plans were developed as the key project result directed to other protected sites in Central Europe. To raise public awareness at the local level field trips involving the stakeholders were made in order to ensure the Climate Change management actions. Information for the public about the project was provided through this website and other project information, such as flyers and posters.

Project workshops integrated local and regional stakeholders for jointly discussing the project topics and results. The involvement of associated partners not able to provide co-financing for the project due to institutional constrains or staff capacity was another important activity. A conference called “IMPACT – International Conference on Managing Protected Areas under Climate Change” was organised in September 2012.