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WP6 guidelines, directives

Climate change adapted management strategies are the first step towards a joint European strategy for nature conservation under conditions of altered natural conditions. Therefore, general strategies and measures for the conservation and management of habitat diversity were developed. Using the diverse variety of regional sites broadly applicable guidelines of dealing with climate change impacts were derived. HABIT-CHANGE then developed recommendations for the management of climate-induced changes for regional partners in the form of a best practice report and management strategy guidelines for protected areas under changing climate conditions. On this basis recommendations were given for the application and adaptation of the European and national legal framework.

In this context, the linkages between European and national management guidelines and climate change induced pressures were evaluated. From the lessons learned a policy brief was developed and presented in Brussels. The new challenge of transposing climate change into national and European law with a special focus on the Water Framework Directive and the NATURA 2000 framework (Habitats-Directive, Birds Directive) was tackled. Policy support was given on the national level within the Central European space. The national legal bases of nature protection was examined regarding the implementation of climate change impact adaptation strategies or measures. A comparison of national regulations contributed to identify legal bottlenecks as well as solutions. Recommendations were given from a stakeholder, scientific, and legal point of view.