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4th International Conference on Climate Change

The Climate Change Community is organizing a conference focusing on the impacts and responses to climate change from 12-13 July in Seattle, USA

Numerous paper, workshop and colloquium presentations will be held by some of the world's leading thinkers in the fields of climatology and environmental science.

Themes of the conference include

  • The evidence: climate change today: examining the data; sea level change; Climate measurement processes, methodologies and technologies, etc.
  • Assessing Impacts in Divergent Ecosystems: Ocean currents and el Niño; Mountain/Coastal/Marine/Forest/Grassland ecosystem impacts; Impacts on wilderness and protected areas/biodiversity; etc.
  • Human Impacts and Impacts on Humans: Impacts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; Land use patterns; Impacts on humans: agriculture, fish stocks, food supply, health; Impacts of climate change in the developing world; etc.
  • Framing Responses: Environmental policies in response to climate change; the international politics of climate change; protected areas and preservation of biodiversity: ‘corridoring’ and other strategies; strategies for sustainability; Controversy and denial: politics, the media and scientists with dissenting views; etc.

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