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Climate 2011 "Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management", 7-12 November 2011

CO2-friendly Scientific On-line Climate Conference

The 4th on-line climate conference CLIMATE 2011 / KLIMA 2011 "Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management", which draws from the success of the previous on-line events (CLIMATE 2008, CLIMATE 2009 and CLIMATE 2010), fills a research gap and discusses emerging issues related to climate variation, climate change and disaster risk management. It will also introduce a variety of concrete projects, initiatives and strategies currently being undertaken and implemented in the five continents, to showcase latest examples of how to ensure that matters related to climate variability and climate change are duly considered in disaster risk management.

The virtual event which runs from 7-12 November 2011 and takes place 100% online will have two tracks: one in English and one in the German language. Interested participants can read the papers, exchange ideas with the authors and participant experts and browse through further background information on specific aspects of climate change and disaster risk management – by accessing the e-conference from their offices, schools and universities or from home, without causing further climate burdens.

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