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ClimTree 2013, 1-5 September 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland

International Conference on Climate Change and Tree Responses in Central European Forests

The conference aims at exchanging the state of the art regarding direct (physical environment) and indirect effects (interspecific interactions) of climate change on the performance of trees and forest ecosystems.

Proposals are accepted for the following topics:

- Historical impacts of CC (traces of changes by dendro- and paleoecology)
- Current impacts of CC on tree composition and biodiversity (including tree decline)
- Future impacts of CC (models, experiments)
- Resistance and resilience to CC (mechanisms)
- Adaptability to CC (phenotypic plasticity, genotypic variation)
- Impacts of drought on forest growth and vulnerability
- Genetic vulnerability of, and genetic opportunities for Central Europe forests facing CC
- Adapted forest management (tree species portfolio for future forests, assisted colonization)
- Interactions of CC and disturbances
- Tree's vulnerability to pests in regard to CC

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