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Consultancy on protected areas and climate change in the Jordan Rift Valley

Call for applications

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) under the Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Jordan Rift Valley (IEM-JO) project funded by the world-bank is planning to contract a national/international consultant in the second quarter of the year 2011;to formulate an Assessment of impacts of future climate changes on biodiversity and strategic ecosystem in the JRV, and potential adaptation strategies in Protected Areas (PA) and Special Conservation Areas (SCA) in Rift Valley of Jordan and their surroundings, in order to be included in the Integrated Management Plans in the sites. The assessment and strategies will be based on modeling results of a Dynamic General Vegetation Model that describes the change in Net Primary Productivity for plant functional types of Jordan,Runoff and Fire disturbance regime through the next century and at the site level it will be based on Climate Succession Model results that describes the change in abundance of indicator species through the next century. The socio-economic reports are available and stakeholders analysis is also available for each site. The number of the PAs are 4 and the SCAs are 4 as well.

For more details, please contact Hussein M. Kisswani, email: