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IALE 2011, August 18-23, Beijing, China

Symposium “Climate Change Adaptation – New perspectives in managing change in landscape ecology”

On August 18-23, 2011 the 8th world conference of IALE-International “Landscape ecology for sustainable environment and culture will be held in Beijing, China ( 

This event will also include the symposium “Climate Change Adaptation – New perspectives in managing change in landscape ecology”. The symposium deals with research about changes geared towards the extraction of guidelines for adaptation processes. The examples can be derived from any process relevant for landscape ecology, such as climate change, landscape change or urban change. Goal of the symposium is to explore approaches and methods for studying the change in landscapes. The symposium will derive common rules and principles for the analysis, modelling and measures to prevent unwanted processes of change and to assist the adaptation processes in a transdisciplinary context. This knowledge from landscape ecology will help not only to guide the process of management from a static equilibrium view to a more adaptive, actors and participation oriented approach. The analysis of pattern and processes should be combined with the modeling of complex measures in environmental, economic and social systems on landscape and regional scale level. It will be an essential progress to understand the dynamic interlinkages between nature and society and to derive the scientific and applied input for the adaptation on climate change.