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IGC Cologne 2012 "Down to Earth", 32nd International Geographical Congress, 26-30 August 2012: Call for sessions on Mountain topics

The 32nd International Geographical Congress in Cologne focuses scientific attention on the core themes of humanity. Researchers from around the world are expected in Cologne in 2012.

The Congress will feature two major parts:

(1) Firstly, sessions organised by the IGU Commissions and Task Forces – in continuation of the traditional IGC concept.

(2) Secondly, - as a new element in an IGC - sessions submitted under the open call for sessions and related to the four key topics of the IGC: Global Change and Globalisation, Society and Environment, Risks and Conflicts, Urbanisation and Demographic Change.

In order to avoid overlaps in time between mountain-related topics, the Cologne Local Organising Committee and the IGU Commission C08.29 "Mountain Response to Global Change" have agreed that sessions dealing with this subject-matter should be organised centrally by the Commission. Thus, if you would like to submit a theme for a session connected with mountains, please send your proposal to Jörg Löffler (joerg.loeffler[protector] until 14 March 2011. Please also include the following information:

  • the number of timeslots of 80 minutes required per session
  • a description of each session, including the session title (max. 250 characters), the names and affiliations of the chair and co-chair, and
  • a short abstract (max. 4000 characters).

Please also include information regarding the intended format of your sessions (normal paper session, panel session, other) and whether your session will allow open submissions of papers or whether presentations will be exclusively restricted to members of the Commission.

While the selection of papers and speakers remains the sole responsibility of the Commission, the organising team of the IGC 2012 strongly recommends the use of the very convenient and easy-to-use web-based system for the selection of papers, provided via the IGC website. So, please also indicate whether you would like to make use of that system.

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