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NatuRegio offers vocational training programme for young professionals

Deadline for application is 10th June 2011

NatuRegio offers a vocational training programme for young professionals (not older than 40 years) working with Floodplain/Wetland/Aquatic Ecosystem and Protected Areas Management in the Central and Lower Danube River Basin (Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine).

The trainees will pass a vocational training programme dealing with latest
issues of nature conservation and regional development in river basins with
additional focus on professional skills like project management and
international communication. The programme is constituted as a five week (22 nd August - 24th September 2011) seminar in Germany at 5 different sites at the river systems of Elbe, Danube and Rhine and a "Cross Border Workshop" (07th - 11th November 2011) at the Danube. The trainees will develop projects for their home countries which will be implemented in 4 months subsequent to the "Cross border Workshop" by the trainees, supported by an international project team.

All necessary travel costs and the costs during the stay in Germany and the
Cross-Border-Workshop as well as the project funding are covered by the

The project aims at enhancing sustainable nature conservation and regional
development strategies in floodplains and wetlands along the Danube, to
encourage cross-border collaboration and to establish a network of experts
in the countries involved.

Please find detailed information and the application form on our website:

or contact the project co-ordinator Dr. Katrin Heuer or Dr. Martina Meeske: