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US government launches adaptation strategy for the natural environment

Public Review Draft of the National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy is available for public review and comment until March 5.


The strategy aims to enable decision-makers and managers in the natural environment to take steps towards effective adaptation.

The 7 goals of the strategy are to:

1.     Conserve adequate habitat to support healthy fish, wildlife and plant populations and ecosystem functions in a changing climate.

2.     Manage species and habitats to protect ecosystem function and   provide sustainable cultural, subsistence, recreational, and commercial use

3.     Enhance capacity for effective management ….

4.     Build coordinated observation, information management, and decision-support systems that facilitate adaptive management….

5.     Increase knowledge and information on impacts and responses of fish, wildlife and plants to a changing climate.

6.     Increase awareness and motivate action to safeguard fish, wildlife   and plants in a changing climate.

7.     Reduce impacts of non-climate stressors to reduce vulnerability

Further Information is availabel at

Also the National Park Service’ Climate Change Response Strategy is available on this website: