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North Transdanubian Water Directorate

The North Transdanubian Water Directorate was established on the 1st of October in 1953. The operational area of the Directorate, which is 6370 km2, locates in the north-western part of Hungary. The operational area includes the entire Győr-Moson-Sopron and Komárom-Esztergom counties, in addition the northern part of the Vas and Veszprém counties. The federal office is located in Győr. In its operational area the Directorate is the major actor in the implementation and execution of the integrated water management tasks and gives assistance to partner associations to complete their part of the process.

The North Transdanubian Water Directorate cooperated within HABIT-CHANGE regarding the following topics:

  • climate change (CC) impacts on water balance,
  • climate change effects on the habitat diversity,
  • strategies and measures due to the climate change.

Our main questions to the project were:

  • Will CC impact on water balance?
  • Will CC effect on the habitat diversity?
  • Will a management of water level in Lake Neusiedl be necessary due to the CC?
  • Can Lake Neusiedl be preserved in the present form?
  • If endowment is necessary, when it must be began? What kind of measures should we take?

Results, such as scenarios and the measures for the water-level regulation of Lake Neusiedl were used by the directorate for strategic planning.