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Ministry of Environment and Forests

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is a public central authority of Romania whose main responsibilities are: integration of the environment requirements in the sectorial strategies, complying with the acquis communitaire for environment, disconnecting the environment damage from the economic growth, guarding the biodiversity, monitoring and diminishing the climate change risks and, raising the public awareness and strengthening the cooperation with the environmental non-governmental associations as well.

More specific, its attribution in the climate change area are: elaboration of climate change policy, coordination of all activities in this field in terms of greenhouse gases emissions and climate change adaptation.

HABIT-CHANGE helped to increase public awareness in the field of climate change but also to find proper solutions/to improve the present ones related  necessary adaptation measures of our own habits in close connection to this phenomena.


Ministry of Environment and Forests
Bulevardul Libertatii nr.12
Sector 5, Bucharest, Romania

Mrs. Miriana Roman