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RapidEye AG

Globally, business and industry have an ever increasing need for timely, credible and useful information to assist in current decision making and future planning. With that premise in mind, RapidEye was established as a geospatial information provider to deliver a unique range of Earth Observation services and multi-temporal, high resolution data products.  

RapidEye's constellation of five Earth Observation satellites offer an unrivaled combination of advantages. Delivering near real-time products in five spectral bands with five meter pixel spacing, the system is able to revisit the same point on Earth every day and can obtain more than 4 million square kilometres of Earth Observation data daily.

RapidEye's satellite constellation serves its core business of integrating customized and industry specific solutions into each customers workflow. Its individualized consulting produces distinct geospatial solutions that take advantage of RapidEye's core capabilities of multi-temporal analysis, change detection, vegetation identification and feature extraction.  

Solutions have been identified and designed with RapidEye's target markets in mind: Agriculture, Forestry, Energy & Infrastructure, Security & Emergency, Environment and Government. The applications for these markets are extensive, however, RapidEye can assist any business or organization that would benefit from geospatial-derived information. 

Currently, more than 130 experts from more than 20 countries are employed by RapidEye. The combination of the right people, the right system and the right approach is sure to make RapidEye the right choice for geoinformation products and services.

RapidEye maintains professional working relationships with research institutes all over the world. The Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth (CASRE) in Kiev, Ukraine, is one of them. In the frame of the “HABITAT-CHANGE” project, RapidEye bundled CASRE´s know-how and RapidEye´s capabilities in the field of habitat research by means of Remote Sensing for the benefit of all project members. RapidEye's data of its satellite constellation are most suitable for vegetation monitoring because of the constellation's multi-temporal capabilities (high revisit rate). As an associated partner, contacts from RapidEye were be available to answer all questions related to its satellite data, data processing for land cover analysis and change detection.


Molkenmarkt 30
14776 Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
Telephone: 49 (0)3381 8904 100
Fax: 49 (0)3381 8904 101

Dr Rene Griesbach
Dr. Marcus Apel