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Flusslandschaft Elbe - Brandenburg Biosphere Reserve

The Elbe river is the third largest river in Germany and one of the last semi-natural rivers in central Europe. The biosphere reserve “Elbe river landscape” (IUCN category V) covers an area of 343.000 ha on approximately 400 km length of the river in five Federal States. The Brandenburg section covers about 70 km of the Elbe river. The biosphere reserve “Elbe river landscape – Brandenburg section” was founded in 1997.

We are a region, strongly influenced by water. The regional climate scenarios predict dramatically percipitation decline and temporal shifts. We expect to get from this project some operating instructions or guidelines, maybe like a GIS tool, to add to our new management plans for the EU habitat directive, that will be developed during the next 3 years. We need different options of management for key species, potential natural vegetaion cover, landuse depending on the change that will occur.