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Environmental Protection Institute

The IOS (IEP) operates under the supervision of the Minister of the Environment and conducts research & development work.

The IEP provides expert opinions & scientific and technical advice, develops EIA for various investment types, and works on extending environmental expertise. One of the newest main activities is the elaboration of GHG emission data and scenarios since 2006. In addition, IEP supervises the development of national network of the Statewide Air Pollution Monitoring in Poland. Main laboratories include: Nature and Landscape Conservation, Water Protection, Air Protection and Monitoring Station, EIA Laboratory and Environmental Monitoring Laboratory accredited in the field of chemical pollution analyses in air, water and soil. The Nature and Landscape Conservation Laboratory is responsible for development of management plans for designated areas (national parks, nature reserves, and sensitive/valuable areas, landscape parks, Natura 2000 sites), development and implementation of strategies for tourist use of designated sites and for promoting ecotourism and public communication for nature conservation. The Water Protection Laboratory is responsible for establishing the lake monitoring system in Poland, implementation of new tools of water monitoring and for training in the application of biological methods for the assessment of rivers and lakes.

Contribution of the partner to the project:

The IOS contributed to the project topics of nature protection, monitoring, and environmental policies.