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Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park authority is a public institution with main tasks of protecting nature in the Triglav National Park (TNP), planning of directives and measures, and regulating proposals of development plans. Beside, the following actions are included in this work: management of the area, regulatives and legislation preparing, researches, education, instructions to visitors and other. The main management objectives in IUCN Category II of the NP central area are nature protection and conservation, education, scientific research and recreation. But in the area of IUCN category V we concern for culture heritage and landscape, supporting traditional activities which preserve the typical identity of the area and assure sustainable use of natural resources. We cooperate tightly with local and state institutions and sectorial planners.

Contribution of the partner to the project:

Experiences in Natura 2000 management; successful examples of communication with stakeholders; know-how in the field of threats on Natura 2000 species and habitat types.