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University of Bucharest, Department of Botany and Microbiology

The University of Bucharest is a state institution of high education and scientific research which include 18 faculties (including also Biology and Chemistry), with some 22.000 full-time students and some 4.000 teaching and research positions. There are over 50 departments and research centres functioning within the University, with a turnover of more 500 grants per year (World Bank grants, E.U. grants, national grants) and research programmes (ERASMUS, Lingua, Leonardo da Vinci, UNICA, AMOS, TEMPUS).

The environment, biodiversity and climate changes are some of the research priorities of the university, addressed to the nature conservation and sustainable use. In this field the university researches have also a significant expertise in plant diversity assessment and conservation, according the international and European Union legislation. In this frame, the University is integrated in a strong network of international collaboration.

The HABIT-CHANGE project was well received and strongly supported by the University of Bucharest, which was involved in the local project coordination and management, enrichment of scientific knowledge about climate changes effects on vulnerable habitats and endangered plants, dissemination of information, development of climate change indicators, and of a set of recommendations for adaptive management plans.

Contribution of the partner to the project:

Project management, local coordination and dissemination of information. Management and enrichment of knowledge. Development of climate change indicators and recommendation for adaptive management.