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University of Vienna, Department of Limnology

The Department of Limnology, DeLi, headed by Professor Tom J. Battin, covers a wide range of research in aquatic sciences with an emphasis on fluvial ecology and biogeochemistry.

At DeLi, students and researchers work together to increase our understanding of the community and ecosystem ecology of fluvial networks — ranging from headwater streams to large river floodplains. The diverse research groups composing DeLi encompass a wide range of expertise including: viral, algal and macrophyte ecology, microbial biofilms, and both invertebrate and fish ecology. Together they address fundamental ecological questions, such as the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function, and the interactions between an organism’s biogeography and their physical and chemical environment. Ultimately, DeLi strives to improve understanding of the role of fluvial ecosystems in global biogeochemical cycles and to lay a foundation towards a new awareness creating and maintaining healthy fluvial ecosystems. The offices and labs of DeLi are located in the Vienna Ecology Center, Faculty of Life Sciences, where they participate in interdepartmental and multidisciplinary collaborations with access to cutting-edge scientific infrastructure.

Contribution of the partner to the project:

Handling of all activities related to detailed interpretation, and validation, of vegetation patterns in protected areas. Co-development of CC mitigation management principles.