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National Academy of Sciences, Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth

The CASRE staff is above 100 employees including 2 Corresponding Members of the NASU, 5 Doctors (Professors) and 27 candidate of Science (Ph.D). The main research trends of CASRE include:

- development of new methods and technologies for the processing and interpretation of satellite data to solve resource and environment tasks.

- development of scientific principles of aerospace monitoring together with physical and mathematical models of radiation and scattering processes in the different ranges of electromagnetic spectrum that are indicated by the natural objects (vegetation, soil, water, air).

The researchers from CASRE are the authors of many publications and patented techniques for processing and interpretation of aerospace imagery for monitoring of environmental changes. The projects concerning application of satellite data for land cover classification for monitoring of forests state and productivity of agriculture crops, carbon cycle investigations in connection with problems of climate changes, are carrying out in CASRE.

Contribution of the partner to the project:

Developing models for the general spectral patterns of the environmental objects. Determine relations with the environment features and properties and Developing new methods and technologies.