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Welcome to the internet presentation of the HABIT-CHANGE project!

The project "Adaptive Management of Climate-induced Changes of Habitat Diversity in Protected Areas" (HABIT-CHANGE) was implemented within the INTERREG IV B CENTRAL EUROPE programme during 2010-2013. The acronym of the project not only stands for the expected habitat changes caused by climate change but also for the necessary adaptation of our own habits in close connection to this.

This website is no longer being updated due to the project being over. Project results can be found in the results section. A press kit can still be found here.

HABIT-CHANGE's investigation regions covered protected areas from all over Central and Eastern Europe focussing on wetlands, forests, grasslands, and alpine areas. The habitat types of these regions and their composition are especially vulnerable regarding climate change.

Main aims of the project were to evaluate, enhance, and adapt existing management and conservation strategies in protected areas to pro-actively respond on likely influences of climate change as a threat to habitat integrity and diversity.

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